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✵ Book Tag | Last, Now, Next

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Credit to Amaya @ Mauve Mumblings!

What was the last book you read?

Did this book meet your expectations?

Yes! It completely passed my expectations, actually, and I couldn’t recommend this book more. This is the perfect book for Christians who wrestle with depression. It’s real and honest, but it doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. Paul Asay tells his story, which I deeply resonated with despite our demographic differences, and he also gives hope and insight amidst the pain.

Would you recommend this book to others?

100%! This is the book if you’re a believer who struggles with depression. And if you have a friend, family member, or coworker who suffers from depression, please, please, please do get a copy of this one for them! Depression is difficult to talk about in the church, but it really does need to be addressed.

Beauty in the Browns will be like a kind friend on a lonely day.

Credit to Amaya @ Mauve Mumblings!

What is your current read?

Why did you pick this book?

Why? What do you mean, why? *pretends to be offended* Tolkien is my favorite author, that’s why! 😆

How much time do you think you’ll take to finish your current read?

Not much! This is actually a reread, and I actually already reread the first half late last year. I’m at the really good part with the epic poetry now (*rubs hands in anticipation*), so I’m betting I’ll be finishing this real soon!

Credit to Amaya @ Mauve Mumblings!

What genre would you want to read next?

Hm. Well, Besides Beren and Lúthien, I’m already reading quite a few other books. This includes Happier Hour: How to Beat Distraction, Expand Your Time, and Focus on What Matters Most, a soon-to-be-released book on better time management (it’s up for pre-order now!), and A Curse So Dark and Lonely, which I’m sure everyone already knows about. This means that I probably won’t start a new book right after finishing Beren and Lúthien.

EDIT: I failed. 😳 In the time between writing this post and actually posting it, I’ve started two new books, which are Joanna Ruth Meyer’s Echo North and Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire.

Would you like to pick a long read or a short read?

I generally gravitate toward shorter reads unless I’m more sure that a longer read will be worth it. Some of the best books in history have been long ones, though!

What are some books you are considering for your next read?

These are hopefully for after I finish Beren and Lúthien, ACSDaL, and/or Happier Hour!


AnnaKate Writes


Grace A. Johnson

Issabelle Perry


Lillian Keith

Madi’s Musings

Pages of Starlight

Random Reader’s Rambles

Saraina Whitney

Susan Loves Books

And you! This is a quick tag, so if you’re a blogger and are interested, do count yourself tagged by me! ❤️

I’d also love to hear from you in the comments. Have you read any of these? How many of them do you recognize? Would you prefer longer books or shorter ones? Could you use a nonfiction read like Happier Hour? And are you able to read multiple books at once or would that be too much?

Soli Deo gloria.


19 thoughts on “✵ Book Tag | Last, Now, Next

Add yours

  1. I love this! I might steal it when I need another blog post idea. I love how simple it is, but it would let me talk about boooooks, which is a favorite topic of mine. 🙂

    I tend to prefer long reads… short reads usually leave me wishing the story had been longer… but at the same time… short reads can be absolutely delightful, so… both? Yes. Both.

    I recognized most of these titles and have either read them or they’re on my TBR *here’s looking at you, Echo North… yes, you’ve been sitting on my shelf for a loooong time now* goodness.

    I am almost always reading multiple books at a time. There’s the book I’m reading for fun, the book I’m listening to for fun (and for help falling asleep at night), the book(s) I’m reading to my kiddos, and the book I’m reading with my husband, the book I’m reading for a current Bible study…. and occasionally we’ll just throw something else in there because…. why not?

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Ooh, fun tag!!! Augh I want to reread Lord of The Rings… AND watch the movies again! XD My siblings are probably tired of hearing me say that. But we haven’t seen them in, like, over a year!! And yeah, I always reading multiple books at the same time. Lol I just can’t seem to focus on one! *laughs*

    Thank you for tagging me, Lily!!! 😀 I’m excited to do this on my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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