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✵ Poetry│Lonely

For those who struggle.

a room full of people,
a head full of thoughts,
a past full of memories,
a heart full of doubt.

dark nights and cold tears,
fading hope, fading hope.
but always she rises,
again and again.

with a dream that someday,
things will be

Originally from @KBuxtonBooks‘s #mondayfic on Twitter. It’s a challenge to write a Tweet-long piece of prose or poetry answering the week’s prompt. You can see my post here.


16 thoughts on “✵ Poetry│Lonely

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    1. Thanks, Lily! 💙 I loveeee visuals, so this was fun to put together. 🥰 In fact, I think what I like most about blogging might just be finding the images I’m going to use for my posts. 😂

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    1. Thank you, Kyrie! 🤗 I’m trying to relearn what it means to write poetry (a.k.a. I’m trying to learn that poetry doesn’t always have to rhyme).


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